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Our company history
     NanoShield is one of the few Thai Companies which was established based on Self Acquired Technology. Successful organization of the company as well as the progressive research and development undertaken continually over ten years are the key factors that have kept us operating successfully to the very present day.

     Right now we are the owner of many patents and industrial secrets in this field. Not only that we are the only Thai-owned business firm in Thailand that deals with PVD Hard Coating / Thin Film Technology for Surface Engineering application.

     NanoShield (formerly known as Royal Ace) Thailand was established since 1996 to provide the PVD coating on decorative ceramics for the booming real estate market in Thailand during that period.
    The collapse of Thai economy leaded us to change direction to become a tools coater since 1998. Our success in this area makes us the first and only PVD tools coater in Thailand who servives from those hard days.

    By our success in developing new and better technology we can meet the tough demand of our customers. We are the company of choice for many leading Japanese and Western companies in Thailand.

     In the year 2005 we were awarded Top Ten Finalists Economic Award from National Innovation Agency (NIA) for our Thin Film Technology. And we got Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) as our business partner in 2006.

     Nanoshield company policy never intends merely for the business profit but we aim to provide technological support for research institutes and universities in Thailand so we can be the part of movement that leads to the better future of Thailand.

    If you are interested in using PVD coating for your company products in Thailand, please do not hesistate to contact us.

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about our success

1996 Patent registration of PVD technique on glass/ceramics; the patent granted in 1999.

1998 Self acquired know-how and self machine modification of TiN coating for engineering application. Launch TiN for tools and dies coating.

1998 – 1999 Coating a special colour for a Japanese golf club maker in Thailand for export only. The coatings were Limited Edition and some are re-imported into Thailand at a very high price.

1999 Self acquired know-how of TiAlN (AlN/TiN) produce by co-deposition of AlN and TiN from pure metal targets. Launch TiAlN for tools and dies coating.

2000 Self acquired know-how and self machine modification for TiAlN / AlTiN coating with less macro particles for smoother film.

2001 Self-acquired know-how of TiZrN. Launch TiZrN for tools and dies coating. Two patents registration of  Macro Particles Filter and Plasma Accelerator.

2002-2004 Undertaking positions of guest speakers and lecturers for universities ( Suranaree, KMUTL, KMUTT ), and government sectors (EGAT, Thai Innovators Forum – under NSTDA, BSID) regarding PVD technology, especially Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition – CAPD. Enhancing parameters and structure of AlTiN and TiN

2003-2004 Assisting KMUTT senior project research on PVD - Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition both on the hardware and software of the PVD technology.

2005 Awarded Top Ten Finalists Economic Award from National Innovation Agency for “ PVD Thin Film Technology “

2006-2007 Development of PVD Pilot Machine for Hard Coatings. The first PVD Hard Coating machine for surface engineering purposes that designed by  Thai with REAL and workable Hard Coating Technology.

2008 Patent granted on Macro Particles Filter and Plasma Accelerator. Launch of the first NanoShield PVD Hard Coating Machine 

2009 NanoShield became the first PVD coater who offer the Nanocomposite SuperHard coatings to the Thai market with both TiAlSiN and AlCrTiN. 

2010 Introduce a highly complex structure Nanocomposite AlCrTiSiN coating to the Thai market. 

2013 Launch a new class of Nano-laminated AlCrN (AlN/CrN) coating for big molds and dies to the Thai market. 

2014 Patent for Low Plasma Loss Filter technology registered to World Intellectual Property Organization and now Patent granted and protected in many countries including Germany and USA. 

2018 Development of special hard coatings with 'anti-color changing properties' when in contact with direct flame. These coatings were developed with a special request from one of the largest and most prestigious cookware producers in the USA. 

2020 Anti-microbial PVD hard coatings. By using nano-particles implanted inside the hard coatings matrix we can obtain highly effective anti-microbial properties while still maintaining their hardness and bio-compatability for human tissue. The anti-microbial properties have been tested and recognized by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR).