NanoShield PVD Ion Plating Thailand

  Benefits of coating

     Nowadays machining tools and dies used in the industry are coated in many different colours. Modern tools have a greater variety of colours. The great increase in coated tools in recent years reflects the high standard of  modern day tools.

        The coatings are not for mere decorative purpose but mainly to increase the durability of tools and dies. The surface of tools is the first area to come into contact with the workpiece and having strong and wear resistant surface can prolong the life of tools and dies.
        There are many types of technique to deposit hard coatings but the one offering the most high-tech and more advantage is the PVD  or Physical Vapour Deposition. 
        The popular coating materials used currently are compounds of Titanium and PVD can coat various forms of Titanium compounds onto tools to meet the application requirement.

        Apart from enhancing strong and durable surface PVD can also coat compounds that give attractive colours such as TiN ( Titanium Nitride ) or TiZrN ( Titanium Zirconium Nitride ) having colour like gold for decorative purpose.


   What is PVD coating on Tools for?

    The need for PVD Hard Coatings on tools and dies industry is increasing continuously because of its outstanding engineering property and its cost saving advantage.

PVD coating offers the following benefit:

1. Increased wear resistance for tools and dies.

2. Increased corrosion resistance for tools and dies.

3. Increased lubricity and improved release.

4. Reduced galling.

5. Extended tools' life.

6. Increase in feed rate and cutting speed.

7. Less maintenance and down time.

8. Cost saving in new tools and dies.